Amending Chapter Four of City Code

When the Sheridan City Council meets for their first regularly scheduled business meeting on June 7, they will be considering the third and final reading of ordinance 2229 that amends Chapter Four of City Code pertaining to alcoholic beverages. Amending the ordinance is necessary because the Wyoming Legislature earlier this year passed House Bill 13 pertaining to Title 12 of Wyoming State Statute relating to the regulation of alcoholic and malt beverages. City Clerk Cecilia Good says ordinance 2229 had to be tweaked a little bit before Council’s consideration on third reading.

Cecilia Good

House Bill 13 goes into effect July 1 and requires the Council to amend City Code to adjust delivery requirements, make changes to the definition of the serving area as well as winery and distillery permit changes. The ordinance amending City Code will also remove the requirement that license holders notify the Clerk’s Office within 15 days of a notice of final conviction within the amelioration process.

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