WBC turns feedback into recommendations

The Wyoming Business Council presented a public webinar on May 19, introducing a brief survey to capture public feedback on how the organization can turn the Cowboy State’s current challenges into future opportunities in Wyoming. 

The WBC has issued a statement thanking everyone who was able to join them for that webinar and who took the time to submit ideas into the survey.

The survey closed on May 26. WBC staff have been reviewing feedback and drafting recommendations to help inform policymakers as they decide how best to deploy more than $1 billion in federal funding coming to Wyoming through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP). Those recommendations are being shared this week and next with the stakeholder group Governor Gordon tasked with developing a blueprint for the use of these funds. 

This group is focused on three areas to help the people, businesses, communities, and organizations in Wyoming survive the impacts of COVID-19, drive through recovery and establish the conditions to thrive in the long term. They are:

Economic Diversity and Economic Development

Education and Workforce

Health and Social Services

According to a previous press release from the Governor’s office, a preliminary planning framework will be released in June and the process will include developing proposals for initiatives or new programs for consideration by the Legislature. Unlike previously received federal COVID-19 related dollars, the funds provided by ARP do not need to be immediately spent. The state has more than three years to invest these funds.

While the WBC survey may be closed, they continue to welcome any ideas and invite the public to email their feedback on how the state of Wyoming can SURVIVE, DRIVE and THRIVE to wbc.arp@wyo.gov.

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