JCHC to Vacate Alternate Care Site at Catholic Rec Hall

In a release from the Johnson County Healthcare Center Friday, they announced they would be closing their Alternate Care Site at the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Rec Hall.

The alternate care site was organized and established in case more space was needed to care for patients with COVID-19, in case the hospital became inundated with patients during the pandemic.

Since Friday, May 15th the JCHC has tested nine people for the virus at their evaluation clinic.

Of those, three are negative and six results are still pending.

They have received more test kits and currently have roughly 300 on hand at the healthcare center.

There has been one new resident admitted at the Amie Holt Care Center in the last week and they are also expecting to admit another this week under what they called “strict criteria.”

Also late last week, a state nursing home surveyor conducted a brief focus survey of the care center concerning their COVID-19 infection prevention compliance, which they easily passed.

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