City Requests WYDOT Consider Three-Lane Configuration of Main Street

The Sheridan City Council met for their second regularly scheduled business meeting of May Monday night. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Council on Main Street

The Council agreed to move forward with an official request to the Wyoming Department of Transportation to consider the three-lane configuration of Main Street in downtown Sheridan. City Engineer Hanns Mercer said that they are looking into the issue of traffic signal modifications throughout the area of Main that would be reconfigured into three lanes.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer said that the traffic signal modifications must be approved by WYDOT.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer said that the three-lane configuration could be done in conjunction with WYDOT’s resurfacing project of Main Street in 2023, or prior to that time, if Council so chooses. We’ll have more from the Council meeting for you in future stories.

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Cody Heizer
10 months ago

I think this is a terrible idea and should be put on a ballot. I’m tired of the elected officials and administrators doing whatever they want, like the Park, without being on a ballot. I think major renovations of our city infrastructure shouldn’t be decided by a select few but by the people!

Tye Bach
10 months ago
Reply to  Cody Heizer

I don’t disagree, but if I’m correct we are not going to get to vote on this. It’s not a city matter. They are just recommending to the state. WYDOT has final say as it’s a state highway.

tom brown
10 months ago
Reply to  Tye Bach

I found when I was done shopping and went to leave my parking spot it was difficult to get out of the spot because to traffic wouldn’t let me in. The traffic was normal for an afternoon downtown. The traffic lights seemed to bunch the traffic so there isn’t breaks to get into line. I also experience traffic backed through the intersection with light changes.
The study the city did isn’t a true case as to what it would be like on really busy times like the week of rodeo. People will avoid the downtown area because they won’t be able to move easily around downtown.
I agree with Cody about putting the reconfiguration on the ballet for a vote.

Sebastian Field
10 months ago

Why don’t you ask the people, majority of us hate the three lane change on main st.

10 months ago

make mainstream one way traveling south and the streets to east and west of main one way north. 3 lanes parking on both sides of the street. Would work out great.

Janice Johnson
10 months ago

I can remember being backed up through several street light changes during busy times of the day. I don’t think this is a good idea.

Tye Bach
10 months ago

I was originally opposed to the three lane idea. In the end I ended up loving it. So much easier to park on Main. Easier to enter and exit your vehicle too. Had some issues but so does the current arrangement.

10 months ago

Needs to be voted on in November! Why are our city officials the only ones that seem to be able to make this decision? The people of Sheridan should have a say! Yes it made parking a lot easier, but anyone wanting to turn had to wait forever due to traffic being backed up. Everyone that knew this test was going to happen used alternate routes. Just do not think it is a good idea.

Hugh Janis
10 months ago

Firstly, it should be voted on by the citizens, and secondly, the three lane configuration was stupid anyways.