Medicaid Expansion One of the Early Casualties of 2020 Session

One of the early casualties of the more than 350 proposed pieces of legislation to be considered during the 2020 Budget Sessions would have expanded Medicaid in Wyoming. House Bill 75 did not even garner the majority vote that would allow for its introduction during a General Session much less the ⅔ in favor it would have taken it to be a topic of discussion this year. Local Senator Bo Biteman was pleased to see that outcome.

Sen. Biteman

Senator Biteman never had a chance to vote against House Bill 75 as it originated in the other legislative body. The House vote that sealed the measures fate was 20 yays, 39 nays, and 1 excused. The local Representatives unanimously voted against the legislation.


  1. Medicaid expansion again, rejected by legislators who already have health insurance. Legislators who probably have not lost someone close to them, because that someone could not get health insurance. AGAIN dollars more important than Lives.

  2. That is a pretty smug look for a man happy to keep people health insurance away from those that struggle the most.

    Or possibly he is so smug because he realizes that some of the federal tax dollars that we pay out, go to other states with expanded Medicaid, but do not return here.

  3. This is what you all get for constantly allowing republicans to get what they want…instead of what the working folks need.Perhaps it’s time to “drain the swamp” in Cheyenne.

  4. If you bothered to read the entire article you would see that it was killed in the House and didn’t even get to the Senate. Uncalled for comments shows how unfair your comments really are. Senator Biteman had nothing to do with this.

    • I will take “unfair” comments anytime, to the year after year denial by the Wyoming Legislature of basic preventive medicine, annual checkups and subsequent treatment for Wyomingites who simply Can’t afford ANY health insurance. I will applaud “unfair” comments if they lead to basic health care for the poor of Wyoming. So Sorry, if we get mad when we lose a person close to us, because the Wyoming Legislature simply “can’t afford” to help such folks. That, Dear Karylyn, is Truly Unfair……

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