Barrasso says 2020 will be ‘the year of the coronavirus’

(Photo by Pat Blair)

The year 2020 will be the year that we all remember as “the year of the coronavirus,” according to U.S. Senator John Barrasso.

Speaking at Wednesday’s Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Barrasso said everybody in America has been impacted by the virus in one way or another.

He said the impact includes the health care community.

Barrasso said that included preventative measures such as mammograms, which weren’t allowed for four months.

He said efforts have been made in Congress to help hospitals that needed resources because they were overwhelmed as well as those hospitals that were only doing emergency services and were, therefore, losing revenues from the services they discontinued.

He said Congress passed legislation to help the states and small businesses. He said 13,000 businesses in Wyoming have received small business loans, with an average loan being about $78,000. In addition, he said, federal legislation has provided grants and loans to help hospitals stay afloat.

Barrasso said more remains to be done, helping people get back to work, helping students return to school. In addition, he said, states need more flexibility in how they can spend the money they receive.

The Senator said he’s very optimistic about a vaccine against the virus.

Barrasso said he attended Wednesday’s luncheon because he wanted people to know how much he appreciates, admires and respects what the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce does for the community.

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