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Cheers to 90 years, KWYO

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To celebrate Sheridan Wyoming’s first radio station, KWYO, we’ve been asking listeners to bring us souvenirs from the past 90 years.  After hearing this Steve Brantz shared a photo of him on the KWYO little league in 1967. Aaron Linden shared this story.

Other things we’ve received include a “wherever you go there’s radio” 20th Anniversary coin, a KWYO pencil and notepad, a concrete trawler “to cement our continued Friendship,” a pocket knife, a model of KWYO’S second location, a sports club member pennant and a KWYO early American coat hanger with the following instructions:  Place pointed end against the wall, strike flat end with a heavy object and Coat Hanger is ready to use.  Recently, Ariel Downing brought in a big paper clip with “Don’t Get Clipped” on it.  If you’ve got memorabilia from KWYO’S past 90 years we would love to see it!

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