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Sheridan Commission OK’s Road Name Change

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An application to change the name of a road in a county subdivision was discussed by the Sheridan County Commission during their regular meeting this week.

The landowners in the Beaver Flats Subdivision submitted the request to change the name of Horsefly Road to Quiet Drive.

County Planner Mark Reid discussed the application with the commission.

The application was reviewed and approved by both the Public Works Department and Sheridan Area Water Supply (SAWS) administration.

After approval, four addresses will need to be changed and re-addressed by the City of Sheridan and SAWS for water service billing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Dennis Fox

    May 8, 2024 at 11:39 pm

    America had a long and proud tradition of poking fun at those in office. And that right is protected by the First Amend.
    On the other hand, the former USSR had a tradition of censoring anything that was critical of the gov’t. And those who were just smart enough to “cheerlead” for the gov’t, but not smart enough to realize they were being used and abused by the very gov’t policy they supported; were called, “useful idiots.”
    A good example would be blindly supporting higher taxes, without recognizing the damage done to fellow citizens.

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