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Purge will require many voters to re-register for 2024 Election

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Voters who did not participate in the last general election must re-register this year. 

By State Statute, Wyoming’s county clerks are required to purge the registered voter roll every two years. Those voters who did not take part in the 2022 General Election (even if they voted in the primary) have likely been removed from the registered voters list. 

Many of these voters may have received an alert from the Sheridan County Clerk’s Office, making them aware they have been purged from the voter roll. The clerk’s office uses the last known address of the resident.   

Sheridan County Elections Supervisor Deputy Clerk and Recorder James Temple said the purge of voters is nothing new but he has noted that not many voters know the purge takes place. 

J. Temple

Find the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website by clicking here

Voters who have been purged will have to re-register. To register to vote, visit the Sheridan County Courthouse at 224 S. Main St., and proceed to the County Elections Office on the 2nd Floor Suite B-17.

According to the Office of the Wyoming Secretary of State, voters may also register by mail. Send the completed and notarized voter registration application to your county clerk. When mailing your form, be sure to attach photocopies of your identification document(s). Click here to obtain the registration form.

Citizens may also register at their polling place on Election Day. Potential voters must bring documents that prove eligibility to register and vote. The deadline for voter registration is 14 days before an election. However, you may register and vote at the same time — during the absentee voting period or on Election Day.

Wyoming voters are required to show an acceptable form of identification when voting in person. There are many ID options for you to use to prove your identity. Any of the following documents will be accepted:

Acceptable Identification may be any one or more of the following:

  • Wyoming Driver’s License;
  • United States Passport;
  • Driver’s License or Identification Card issued by any State or Outlying Possession of the United States;
  • Identification Card issued by the Federal Government, any State or Local Government, or an Agency thereof;
  • A tribal ID of any Federally Recognized Tribe;
  • Photo Identification Card issued by the University of Wyoming, a Wyoming Community College, or a Wyoming Public School;
  • United States Military Card; or
  • Identification Card issued to a Dependent of a member of the United States Armed Forces.

Or any two or more of the following documents together shall constitute proof of the individual’s identity:

  • Certification of United States Citizenship;
  • Certificate of Naturalization;
  • United States Military Draft Record;
  • Voter’s Registration Card from another State or County;
  • United States Social Security Card;
  • Certification of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State;
  • Original or certified copy of a birth certificate bearing an official seal; or
  • Any other form of identification issued by an official agency of the United States or a State.

To find more, visit the Wyoming Secretary of State’s webpage concerning voter registration by clicking here.

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