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Game and Fish WHMA open soon

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Wyoming Game and Fish Department Public Information Specialist Christina Schmidt made an appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse to speak on Wildlife Habitat Management Areas.

C. Schmidt 

Once open to the public, people use these areas for recreation, fishing where applicable and shed hunting. 

C. Schmidt 

Schmidt reminds the public there may be temporary road closures in place to prevent resource damage, particularly if the region receives a large amount of precipitation in the coming days that could impact road conditions.

Schmidt also reminded the public that lands enrolled in the Department’s Walk-In and Hunter Management Area programs are always closed to shed antler hunting. These areas are privately-owned lands enrolled by the landowner specifically for hunting or fishing of designated species during designated times of the year. They are never open for hiking, biking, shed antler hunting, horseback riding or other recreation without the explicit permission of the landowner.

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