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Wyoming Files Lawsuit Over Title IX Rule Changes

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The State of Wyoming, alongside a coalition of states and private parties, has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit opposing President Biden’s new rules interpreting Title IX.

Title IX is a law designed to create educational and athletic opportunities, particularly for female students.

The lawsuit argues the new rules are contrary to the core principles of Title IX, compromising safety and privacy, ultimately depriving female athletes of opportunities.

Governor Gordon voiced Wyoming’s firm stance, stating, “Wyoming will fight the Biden Administration’s attempt to rewrite Title IX. The state adamantly upholds its core principles of fairness, privacy and the sanctity of women’s sports, opposing any imposition of ambiguous
standards that threaten these ideals. This is yet another instance of federal overreach, seeking to impose a new interpretation on a longstanding law.”

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Megan Degenfelder applauded the lawsuit, stating, “in Wyoming, we protect our girls. We will never allow outrageous political agendas to get in the way of that. Not in bathrooms, not in education, not in sports. Period.”

Biden’s new Title IX rule eliminates privacy protections to all students, replaces “sex” with “gender identity” and broadens the definition of what constitutes “discrimination on the basis of sex”, which directly contradicts the very purpose of Title IX.

The lawsuit further alleges the rule violates the First Amendment rights of educators, school employees and fellow students, as well as private organizations, who have sincerely held religious beliefs that would prevent them from complying with the rule.

The rule  also raises due processes concerns on college campuses related to sexual harassment

The coalition is led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach.

The lawsuit also includes the states of Alaska and Utah as well as private parties.

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