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Stults Updates Board on Cell Phone Policy

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At the May 7 SCSD#2 School Board meeting, Superintendent Scott Stults updated the board on conversations they are having on board policies, specifically the school policy for cell phone use among students during school hours.

Currently there are opportunities for high school students to bring cell phones to school, and they can use them before and after school; during passing periods and during lunch. At the K-8 level, phones cannot be used during school hours.

Stults talked about data that is being compiled on cell phone use among students.

Trustee Ann Perkins wondered if there were any classes where students had to use the cell phones, and Stults said there is a ‘work-around’ and other technology can be used instead. Should a student need a cell phone for health monitoring, such as blood sugar, students could use cell phones as needed in that situation.

Trustee Shelta Rambur had this comment,

Stults added that if this is the expectation at the schools, it would be a consistent enforcement in all classes by the teachers and staff. Moving forward, Stults said, they would visit with parents and students and make sure that they have information about this policy before school is dismissed in May.

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