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May 15: deadline to change party affiliation to take part in primary election

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Sheridan County Elections Supervisor Deputy Clerk and Recorder James Temple made an appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse to alert voters to an upcoming deadline that will need to be met should they choose to change their party affiliation. 

Currently, registered voters cannot change their party affiliation after 5 p.m. on May 15. Temple explained why the change was made. 

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Temple explained that should a voter wish to take part in the upcoming primary election, they must have been declared a Republican or Democrat previously and taken part in the last General Election or should a voter decide to change their affiliation must file that change prior to the upcoming deadline on May 15. 

J. Temple  

Once the primary election has concluded, party affiliation can once again be changed. 

To accomplish this, voters will need to visit the Sheridan County Courthouse at 224 S. Main St., and proceed to the County Election’s Office on the 2nd Floor Suite B-17.

J. Temple  

Wyoming has closed primary elections. Meaning, those not affiliated with the party are not able to vote for candidates of that party during primary elections. 

J. Temple  

Find much more information on the Sheridan County Clerk’s webpage by clicking here.

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