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Sheridan Public Arts Committee announces new sculpture installation

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Sheridan Public Arts Committee, a committee of the City of Sheridan, announced today that seven new on-loan sculptures will be added to the current sculpture collection. 

According to a release, the sculptures were selected by the Public Arts Committee from the approximately 24 sculptures submitted following a nationwide call for art. Joining the current sculpture collection will be “Lithic” by Richard Burk, “Riding for the Brand” by JC Dye, “Ascent” by Richard Burk, “Figure Heads” by Art Garcia, and “Cultural Pedestrian” 1, 2, and 3 by Sue Quinlan.  

“Each year the committee selects new sculptures to introduce to the community. This year we’re excited to include two new pieces by Richard Burk, a Wyoming based artist who is already showcased in our current collection and Art Garcia who is also currently represented,: Greg Luhman, Sheridan Public Arts Committee Chair said. “New pieces from Western artist JC Dye and prolific sculptor Sue Quinlan will help us expand the limits of where we place items from the collection, moving beyond the corridors of downtown Sheridan.  It’s exciting to have so many wonderful pieces to share with Sheridan and the surrounding community.”

The new sculptures will be on view starting June 15, in various locations throughout downtown Sheridan and North Main.

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