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Sheridan 2022 Weather Recap

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The weather in Sheridan had its high and low points in 2022, and now that the final numbers have been tabulated, the year ended up being slightly above average.

The National Weather Service in Billings, Montana says the average temperature for the year, according to readings from the Sheridan County Airport, was 45.5 degrees, which is 0.1 degrees above average.

Total precipitation for the year was 15.48 inches, which ended up being a little more than ½ inch above average.

The 2.39 inches of rain received on Memorial Day (May 30th), ended up being the 7th wettest day in recorded history.

The high temperature for the year was 104 degrees and that happened 4 times…twice in July, once in August and once in September.

There were 5 days when a new record high temperature for that day was recorded.

The 104 degree day in September was on the 7th, making it the latest day in the calendar year that a high temperature at or above 100 degrees was recorded.

The lowest temperature for the year in Sheridan was negative 23 degrees.

That happened once in February and twice in December.

There were 4 days in the year, when a new record low temperature for that day was recorded.

The coldest wind chill for the year that was recorded was negative 46.

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