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Sheridan College Getting More Enrollment From Two Western WY Counties

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When it comes to enrollment numbers at Sheridan College, more and more students that are not near Sheridan County are taking courses through the college.

According to the latest enrollment report for the spring 2023 semester, outside of Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell Counties there’s been a recent increase of students taking courses either in person or on-line, in Park and Sweetwater Counties.

That’s where Northwest College and Western Wyoming Community College are located.

Sheridan College President Dr. Walter Tribley says not all the students in those counties are adults, because some are taking college courses while they’re in high school.

It just depends on what course they want to take. 

Dr. Walter Tribley

“We have agreements with the community colleges in those areas and the high schools in those areas that we can offer a particular course or courses in those high schools that perhaps the local community colleges isn’t able to for some reason, and so we are invited to do that and we’re partnering there and we make it happen.”

Through the first seven days of the spring semester, the unduplicated headcount numbers at Sheridan College are up more than 10% compared to the same time last year, while numbers at the Johnson County campus have nearly doubled.

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