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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Gets SLIB Funding For Two Projects

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The Sheridan Memorial Hospital will soon upgrade its emergency department, as well as improve the mental care of some patients.

Last month the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) awarded a $5.9 million grant to the hospital, to develop an Emergency Psychiatric Assessment, Treatment, Healing (EmPATH) and Crisis Stabilization Unit to serve the Sheridan County region.

The hospital is currently working on the rest of the funding for the $12.8 million project.

Two weeks ago, the SLIB board awarded another grant to the hospital.

It was a $480,000 grant to work on the Emergency Department Triage, which categorizes patients based on the severity of their injuries, and the order in which multiple patients require care and monitoring.

Hospital President Mike McCafferty says the hospital had submitted 4 applications to the SLIB board, and getting the top 2 items on the list approved is good, considering all the requests that the board had to consider in the latest meeting.

Mike McCafferty

“There was a couple hundred million dollars worth of applications, so there’s a lot of worthy projects out there and the SLIB board had its hands full in making sure that they did a nice job of distributing those funds across the state in a way that they felt was meritorious certainly, and aligned with treasury guidance, but also impacted communities in a positive way.”

The 2 projects that did not get approved for the hospital were funding for distribution of HVAC within the transitional care unit, and new space for supply chain and materials management.

In the grant for the Crisis Stabilization Unit, the SLIB board specified that the project must be completed by 2026.

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