Sheridan College To Remodel Building On Opposite Side Of I-90 From Campus

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

A building that was gifted to Sheridan College will soon have some remodeling done.

The College has announced plans to remodel the inside of the Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Sciences Building, located on the southeast corner of the Heartland Drive and Solutions Way intersection, which is on the other side of I-90 from the college campus.

The 25,000 square foot building was gifted to the College in 2019 by the Seven Pillars Foundation.

College President Doctor Walter Tribley says when remodeling is complete, the college will offer more than classes to students.

It will also offer a way to stimulate the economy from within the Sheridan area.

Dr. Walter Tribley

“We’re creating the opportunity for entrepreneurs to come to that building, work with the college, set up a contract where they would be able to have access to our equipment and space and produce a proof of concept product that they might be able to turn into a new business for us, or an offshoot, or an addition to our existing manufacturing companies.”

Doctor Tribley says the cost of the remodeling of the building is about $6-million and some of that money came from selling some of the land near the building to the Whitney Foundation, back in October.

Work is anticipated to be finished around fall of 2024.

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