SCSD #1 School Board Calls Special Meeting

A special meeting has been called for Sheridan County School District #1 to update and discuss the COVID 19 situation.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6pm on Wednesday, September 1st in Ranchester.

No other details are available as of time of this posting.


  1. Better not get left behind! Better late than never……… Still only one person died from Covid in Sheridan County since March, a 78 year old Woman. Sheridan County officially WOKE up now.

    • Just what is the acceptable death rate for an essentially preventable cause? Perhaps you’d like to discuss that with the woman’s family.

      • News Flash Ray: When the average of death in America is 76, She got more than most. Ray, i have news you probably don’t want to hear, you also will die, and as you get up in age, your body gets weak…. God Bless both you and her!

        • THe average life expectancy 76- that includes averaging in enfant deaths(which given our lack of universal health care occurs far more often than any other developed country). I realize math is hard- but get a grip. As for blessings – how about you get vaxxed and wear a mask so you’re. not allowing this disease to propagate and thereby mutate putting every at risk person at even greater risk.

  2. Im still waiting for replies from 5 of the 7 SCSD2 trustees regarding my question about whether they would approve the CRT curriculum if presented to the board. I first posted that question in July.

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