Leiter and Clearmont Honor the Fallen

In honor of Memorial Day, Steve Klier and Melaine Thomas Klier owners of the Leiter Bar and Cafe in Leiter, Wyoming, decorated a ‘Fallen Soldier Table’ in the restaurant in honor of Memorial Day.

A missing man, or fallen comrade table, is set up in military dining facilities of the armed forces and during official dining functions, in honor of fallen, or missing military service members. Some restaurants also decorate the small table in honor of Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. The table serves as the focal point of ceremonial remembrance.

The table is set up according to certain specifications, and includes: A white table cloth, for the purity of their intentions in respond to their countries call to arms; A single rose signifies the blood they may have shed for freedom; a slice of lemon signifies their bitter fate; the salt for the countless tears of families; the inverted glass means they can’t drink with us; and the empty chair means they are no longer here.

John Klier and Melaine Thomas Klier with the fallen soldiers table

“We have a lot of military in our family, and in our community,” Melaine said. “We want to honor them.

John Klier, Melaine and Steve’s son, who will be leaving for boot camp in San Diego on June 13th, talks about his families military tradition.

The Clearmont Veteran’s Memorial was also decorated in honor of veteran’s day with flags and a small pot of flowers.

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