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Devils Tower Staff Participate In Rescue Seminar

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Devils Tower National Monument may be a challenge to climb, but it’s also a challenge to rescue someone off of it as well, but park staff have recently been learning how to deal with that life threatening situation.

Last month, Devils Tower staff attended a 2-week high-angle rope rescue seminar in southwestern Colorado, to learn about high-angle rescue systems and how to use technical equipment for practical use.

The first week involved the fundamentals of rope rescue, and the second week dealt with self-rescue and small teams responses.

The practice session culminated with how to rescue an injured person from the top of Devils Tower, using rope and a guiding line aerial ropeway suspension system.

The system utilizes pullies and rope friction devices to safely and efficiently move an individual from the danger of the cliffs and steep slopes to a more level area suitable for the team to carry them out.

A Devils Tower spokesperson says about 3-to-5 thousand people climb the tower each year, and most search and rescue incidents involve injuries from heat exposure, as well as slips, trips and falls along the trails.

Visitors to Devils Tower are encouraged to come prepared with food, water and proper equipment while recreating.

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