Johnson County EOC Discusses New Positive Case

(Image courtesy of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control)

It was reported by County Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler during this week’s Johnson County Emergency Operations Center media briefing that the county now has its 12th confirmed case of COVID-19.

The EOC gave more information on the new positive case in a media release later in the week.

They said the Wyoming Department of Health has completed their contact investigation related to that case, and that anyone who may have been identified as a close contact has been contacted and any orders to quarantine have been issued to those identified persons.

Those concerned about possible exposure can be assured that if they did not meet the definition of a close contact, then they weren’t contacted by the Department of Health.

According to the release, the definition of a close contact is (a) a household member, (b) an intimate partner, (c) an individual providing care in a household without using recommended infection control measures, and (d) individuals who have been within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes to a person with symptomatic COVID-19 during a period of 48 hours before symptoms started until the person meets criteria to no longer isolate.

The EOC wants to remind people to remain vigilant in this transitional time of reopening.

They recommend continuing to practice social distancing, wear face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and be aware of the risks of gathering in groups.

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