Johnson County to Request Variances to State Health Orders

The Johnson County Commission discussed the possibility of sending a request to County Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler for approval of variances to the State’s Health Orders for some local businesses.

At their Tuesday meeting, the commission, along with County Attorney Tucker Ruby, Sheriff Rod Odenbach and others, discussed what needed to be done and how to go about the process.

Ruby said even if the variances are allowed, local businesses must submit plans to the County Health Officer for review.

After discussions, the commissioners voted to send variance requests to the county health officer to reopen some businesses in the county, including restaurants for indoor and outdoor dining, bars for both indoor and outdoor service, churches and funeral services.

Ruby will draft the variance request and submit them to Dr. Schueler, who will review them and either approve them and send them on to the State Health Officer for approval, or deny them.


  1. It makes so much more sense for the governor to let his state-wide “orders” expire and allow each county to decide for themselves. Just as the president knew that each state was different and allowed each to decide, so each county is different. The governor should immediately allow each county to be free to decide. Freedom is not a hard concept to grasp. It’s just hard for some authoritarians to let go of newly seized power.

    • Dennis for Goodness Sake. Climb down off of your “Bash the Governor” HIGH HORSE. It is a one trick pony and it is getting REALLY OLD!!! Since you are obviously going to “Again” file for a Commissioner seat, could you please, please address some Local Sheridan County issues. Those issues that the County Commissioners can and have to deal with. Much Obliged.

  2. Defending freedom is a national, state and local issue. Anytime a chief executive exceeds his constitutional authority, it is the duty of the people, to call it out. Only our state legislature can legally make law, not the governor. His job is to execute the law, as written and passed by our representatives. It’s the hallmark of the America system of divided gov’t. The Sheridan county commissioners and mayor should be making the decisions. It is not the governors job to dictate, under the color of law, to the entire state. Short-term, temporary emergency orders to protect life are fine; but it’s been almost two months, now. More than enough time to call the legislature into session and let the people’s rep’s decide. Top-down, one size fits all is the way of authoritarian gov’ts not the American way of Liberty. There’s absolutely no doubt this issue should be in the hands of the county/city elected officials. It’s all in the constitution and is not, in any way, personal. This is very much a Sheridan County issue, because the closure “orders” are devastating many people in our beloved county.

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