Benefit concert for Ukraine, June 30

Bruce Andrews grew tired of feeling helpless when he would see the images of the Ukrainian people’s displacement, fear and suffering at the hands of the Russian invasion of their country. So he did something about it. An Evening of Caring, a benefit concert for Ukraine will be held on June 30, at the WYO Theater.   

A performer himself, he made the decision to hold a fundraising concert. He shared the idea with family and friends who embraced it and suggested he make the concert a community event. Andrews reached out to a few friends and fellow performers, from there the event blossomed into An Evening of Caring, a benefit concert for Ukraine.  

The first stop Andrews made was to speak with WYO Theater Executive Director Erin Butler. After hearing the idea, she immediately made the theater and her staff available for Andrews. Local musicians of the Sheridan region have jumped on board, some going as far as to change their busy summer schedules to ensure they could be a part of the performance. 

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program, Andrews told listeners that everyone involved went a step further. 

B. Andrews

Executive Director of the Sheridan County YMCA Liz Cassiday volunteered the services of the Y to handle the financial side of the event. With locations around the world, the YMCA operates a trusted charitable system that will ensure the funds raised reach the people of the Ukraine. 

B. Andrews

Andrews’ son, Doug, is also a singer and songwriter and currently residing in Vienna, Austria. Both he and his wife volunteered to help with the relief efforts in the city. He has witnessed first-hand the flood of refugees escaping the violence of the conflict, some without knowing if they will have a home to return to once the war is over or if relatives are still alive. Jet lagged and exhausted, Doug flew into Sheridan just hours before appearing on Public Pulse. 

D. Andrews

Gene Davis was happy to help his friend Andrews with the benefit concert. Davis watches the conflict in the Ukraine closely. He told listeners that he sees many similarities between Sheridan and the Ukrainian villages affected by the Russian aggression. 

G. Davis

An Evening of Caring, a benefit concert for Ukraine will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 30, at the WYO Theater. Ticket prices are $20 and can be purchased here. Further donations are being accepted through the Sheridan County YMCA and can be made here.

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