Harvey Purcella Honored for 37 Years of Service

Harvey Purcella with his school bus

At the Jan. 10, SCSD#2 board meeting, the board celebrated Harvey Purcella’s 37 years of exceptional service in the Transportation Department.

According to Shawn Stevens, SCSD#2 Transportation Director, “Harvey started his school bus driving career on route #1 in December 1984, the same route he currently drives. He has compiled 250,000 miles on route #1 alone during his career.”

According to the SCSD#2 website, route #1 serves Meadowlark Elementary, N. Main, Val Vista, N. Gould, and Thurmond; 6-12th Grade; Airport Road, Papago Drive, Olympus Drive and Huntington Street.

Scott Stults, superintendent, added this about Purcella. “For 37 years the students on Harvey’s bus have been blessed to be able to start and end their day with a man that always has a positive attitude and treats each of them with dignity and respect. He truly cares enough to know every student by name, and we hope he continues for many more years to drive Route 1 as he daily makes a difference in the lives of our students.”


  1. Thanks Harvey, for your faithful service! You have served a lot of kids in your care over your 37 years. It is people like you that make our community a great place to live.

  2. My kids all rode Harvey’s bus and came to love him. What an amazing man. Mr. Stults is right – he makes a difference in those kids’ lives! Thank you, Mr. Harvey!!!

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