SCSD #2 Board Of Trustees Call For Special Meeting For Monday August 30th

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

A special meeting has been called for Sheridan County School District #2 to update the district’s COVID-19 Plan.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at noon on Monday, August 30th.

There will be limited seating at the meeting due to social distancing.

Those who are unable to attend can attend via zoom.

Click here for the zoom meeting.


  1. Maybe they’ll require masks. Smart to do it during the day so not as many show up with pitch forks and torches. I don’t see how in person learning will last without them. Too many will be “quarantined” and miss skool.

  2. I really hope that our School Board will make a wise decision and stand for requiring masks this school year – they made such a great statement last year by doing so, setting the standard for our state and preventing sharp increases in illness (not just COVID) during the long winter months. With the numbers rising again and the Delta variant being more transmittable through the younger kiddos, it’s only sensible to require the use of masks…many prayers for those in leadership!!

    • Masks are not proven effective by any stretch of science and data. Do your homework and attend the meeting!

  3. ONE person died in Sheridan County since March (from the virus) but many more have died from it’s prevention……. Good call SCSD#2

  4. I wonder if they go to the Muzzle Law, why they still let the Football team still travel? Why don’t they make the kids that play contact sports muzzle up? It makes more sense to curtail travel, and not have kids come into close proximity unless they are muzzled up? They sure are not socially distanced…….. I guess tackling a Cheyenne South student is OK, but sitting next to one of your peers is wrong?

  5. Not sure if there are enough cases to warrant this. There are no new cases today and 298 in the last 13 days, of which some of those are probably better. This represents .015 of the population of Sheridan. A small number really.

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