Gov. Gordon: Wyoming is back

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon rode in the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Parade on July 16, and tipped his hat to the organizers and thousands of spectators. 

With the return of gatherings, rodeos and celebrations throughout the Cowboy State it’s a busy summer for Gordon as he travels to the events, something he enjoys to do. 

In an exclusive interview with Sheridan Media, Gordon, a gifted and experienced horseman, unsaddled his horse and said he enjoyed seeing the many faces in the crowds of the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Parade as Wyoming returned to a more normal summer. 

Gov. M. Gordon

Gordon has a full week of events and travel ahead of him before Cheyenne Frontier Days kicks off next week. 

Gov. M. Gordon

Although he is able to get out and visit with Wyoming residents and enjoy the celebrations throughout the state, Gordon’s thoughts are never far from the challenges that still face the state. But with an optimistic attitude, the Governor said the state is ready to meet those challenges. 

Gov. M. Gordon


  1. Not because of Wyo smarts, the legislature, or Gov. Gordon; it’sbecause of the federal government money!!! Ironic: the very thing detestedmost by Wyo . Better learn to say “thanks”!!

    • its amusing he cuts federal covid aid too unemployment but not to his pockets er ….. wait huh. they still get their aid im surree

  2. Maybe he should check with the people in Cheyenne and surrounding communities who have had to put off needed but not emergent medical care because the hospital in the capitol is nearly at capacity due to COVID. Or perhaps he should talk to the families of those who are ill or who have died because the rethuglicans in power in this state are against vaccinations on political grounds and have convinced the sheeple that their legs will explode or they will get arthritis or acquire some other obscure ailment from the vaccine.

    “Wyoming is back” — back in the 19th century.

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