ACHS Graduates Look to Bright Future

Ethan Packard passes the Branding Iron to Tamica Smith.

Arvada Clearmont High School held their graduation exercises on Sunday, May 30th at 2 p.m., with over 100 people attending the graduation.

Seven students, John Klier, Kerri and Krista Malli, Traveis McBride, Madison Moss, Ethan Packard and Torrey Veach were the class of 2021.

Class colors were Silver and Gold, and class flowers were Blue Rose and Sweet Pea.

Salutatorian was Kerri Malli, and Valedictorian was Krista Malli; Commencement speaker was Jan Gibbs, and the A/C Branding Iron tradition ceremony was performed by Ethan Packard, who passed the branding iron, with the ribbons of the school colors attached, to upcoming senior Tamica Smith. The branding iron tradition is a way of passing the torch to the upcoming senior class.

Malli, in her Valedictorian speech, told the class that “you get back what you put in.”

Jan Gibbs, Arvada teacher for 14 years, in her commencement address, told the students, “High school was an opportunity to build lasting friendships and the memories you made here will last a lifetime. Each of you have your own dreams for the future. You have to ask yourselves what skills you will need to achieve these dreams.”

She said that in life have to have: “Something to do, to help you keep forward motion; Someone to love, family and friends; Something to look forward too, as you looked forward to this day, and Someway to give back; make someone else happy.

Krista Malli Presents Jan Gibbs with a Bouquet

“You will never find happiness if you only care about your own. You have to make someone else happy. People remember how you make them feel.”

The traditional slide show was shown, scholarships and diplomas were awarded, tassels were moved and hats were throw in the air. Gibbs told the class of 2021 that, “Your future is bright, my wish for all of you is happiness.”

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