Hazardous Materials Traffic Flow Study in Sheridan County This Week

Sheridan County Emergency Management and the Local Emergency Planning Committee, with assistance from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security will be conducting a Hazardous Material traffic flow analysis for Sheridan County now through Wednesday, April 7th.

According to a release from Sheridan County, the purpose of the analysis is to observe and record the number and frequency of commercial carriers transporting hazardous material on primary and secondary roadways in Sheridan County. Information gathered will assist county stakeholders such as fire, EMS, and law enforcement, in planning and training for Hazardous Materials incidents.

The study was originally scheduled in 2020 but postponed due to COVID-19.

The University of Wyoming School of Engineering, under the direction and help of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, will conduct this traffic flow analysis.

The public may encounter small survey teams at select locations in the county through April 7th.

Questions can be directed to Sheridan County Emergency Management at

(307) 675-2569, or (307) 752-2174.

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