Tongue River Valley Pipeline Now in Progress

Peter Clark says the Tongue River Valley pipeline could be completed in February. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

A pipeline that will bring natural gas to the Tongue River Valley could be substantially complete by January 2021.

Peter Clark, who’s mayor of Ranchester and chairman of the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board, said work on the pipeline started around April 1.

Contractor for the $5.7 million project is DRM out of Gillette.

Clark said under the current arrangement, the natural gas will be transported via Montana Dakota Utilities’ Williston Basin pipeline to connect with the Tongue River Valley system on West Fifth Street in Sheridan. Clark said some of that connection is still being negotiated.

The Tongue River Valley includes the towns of Dayton and Ranchester. The Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board includes representatives of the two towns and Sheridan County School District 1, which owns three schools in the towns – Tongue River Elementary and Tongue River Middle School in Ranchester and Tongue River High School in Dayton.

Clark said the two towns have around 480 deposits for natural gas hookups at this time. He said the joint powers board has been working on this project for a little over six and a half years.

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Dennis Fox
10 months ago

As long as it doesn’t take any new “Cap” tax funds, we’re good. The Cap Tax can, should and must be eliminated when it shows up for re-imposition this November. Cutting all tax rates is the only way we will survive the coming economic destruction.

10 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Fox

i was sent a message about a brewhouse in sheridan that according to the facebook message that the city police chief visited the store over a complaint of an employee not wearing a face mask. supposedly a threat was made that if the place did not comply with all 21 orders to open they would revoke their liquor license and fine them. one thing that brewhouse probably spent over one million dollars putting the business together. with the amount of beer sold in this county i would say that alot of sales tax is also paid. when money is short why would the police not be a little more aware of how to deal with the shortcoming of one edict without losing a lot of tax revenue which pays there salary. time to look is it not.