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JCHC Board Chooses Proposal for Construction Loan

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During their regular meeting Wednesday night, the Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center discussed two proposals from local banks for a construction loan for their current project.

Hospital CEO Luke Senden discussed the two options the JCHC received.

Discussions by the board on the proposals comapred interest rates, terms of the loans, possible penalties for payin them early, and how Medicare would or would not come into play in the loan proposals.

The board discussed options from the joint proposal from the three banks, which were basically for different terms for the loan.

Board members Mark Schueler, Cristy Kinghorn, and Alecia Kozisek, after discussions, voted in favor of the joint proposal from the three banks for a 17-year term in the amount of $9 million.

Board members Tom Holt and Tom Berry, who have ties to the local banks, recused themselves from the vote.

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