Soup’s On! at The Hub

Georgia Boley and Dan Cole show how to make soup in a demonstration at The Hub on Smith Street Thursday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Patrons of The Hub on Smith Street had a chance Thursday afternoon to watch preparation of three kinds of soup – bone broth, split pea soup and potato soup – courtesy of Georgia Boley and Dan Cole.

Boley said she and Cole will be presenting a similar program at Cottonwood Kitchen Saturday, but there was a little bit of difference between the presentations.

Thursday’s program was free. There’s a charge to those attending Saturday’s event, but Boley said that presentation is sold out, although, since the demonstration will be on the main floor of Cottonwood Kitchen, those who are in the store at the time might be able to catch some of the program.

Dan Cole demonstrates an immersion blender. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Saturday demonstration starts at 11 a.m.

Boley is a registered dietitian, and Cole is executive chef at The Hub on Smith Street.

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