Barrasso: Biden Policies Make China Stronger and America Weaker

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (Photo Ron Richter ©)

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (WY-R) recently spoke on the Senate floor about the Biden Administration’s response to the growing threat of communist China.  Barrasso said China’s goal is unmistakable, it wants to become the world’s one dominant power and since day one, the Biden administration has been caught flatfooted, and it’s time for Democrats to wake up to this threat from communist China before it is too late.

Senator Barrasso

Barrasso said China plans to build more than one hundred new ships in the next eight years, and in those same eight years, he said China is expected to build about three hundred missile silos and plans to have 1,000 nuclear missiles.


  1. SHAZAM!!…OK Barrasso…so what’s the future plan?…why hasn’t there been a “plan” for the past several decades?…enlighten us all…if all of you in DC can’t agree on a “plan” ZOLTAR only costs a buck and magical Ouija boards sell for around 15-20 bucks

  2. More talk, no action, unless you count selling out the country by voting to raise the debt ceiling after your dear friend mitch lied about it. Once bidens BBB, or the great reset gets passed, and it will with the repubs help, the US will just be like the CCP. Thanks for nothing, john.

  3. Yep, Dr. Barrasso, don’t look within. The untrustworthy GOP, and you as a willing collaborator, have cast their lot with undermining democracy – no more government “of the people, by the people, for the people” (A. Lincoln). You and GOP cronies instead support a well known liar’s effort to reverse his loss in a legitimate election. By staying silent when the US Capitol is ransacked in that effort, you violated your oath as a senator to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Now, again as cover, you call for others, the Dems and Biden, to wake up to outside threats. You and current GOP are untrustworthy to govern, only busy laying the foundation for loss of democracy and rise of a ruler and his minions. Motivated by self (not patriotic) interest, you might think this self-serving effort may bear fruit to keep you in power at this time and age. Future generations may not appreciate your role if this experiment in democracy slips away, followed by a regression to usual form of human government – a strong and corrupt power cabal. I say you and GOP can’t be trusted.

    • The coup happened on Nov. 3rd when mysteriously 5 states, where Trump was ahead, stopped counting the votes at the same time, then resumed in the wee hours in the morning where, ‘presto’, biden was ahead! When the chains of custody are broken, its a BIG red flag, and should trigger an investigation but it didnt. It wasnt just dems who threw the wrench into the audits, but many repubs did too as was the case in AZ. Your orange menace represented a major threat to the corruptocrats in DC, so they threw everything at him in order to utterly destroy him. If you think that DC is as pure as the wind driven snow, and has your best interests at heart, I have many sections of swamp land to sell you CHEAP. Barrasso, like most senators, hasnt really said much about election fraud and never challenged it, so in essence hes on your side. Dont you find it interesting that biden supposedly got 80+ million votes, but nancy lost many house seats….some of which were in blue districts? Does that make sense to you? Yes, because MILLIONS of people just voted for the president, and ignored the down ballots which happens ALL of the time, right? Fred Osborn has the best idea: term limits, but do you think that those who make the rules, that they dont follow, would go for it? Welcome to Animal Farm.

      • Tommy the spin doctor. Keep up the effort to gaslight those who don’t need evidence to get worked up. Inflame not inform! You’ve got a bright future in GOP communications as long as the current sycophants are driving.

      • There are more than 113,000 polling places in the US. If you’d ever bothered to work an election- instead of just repeating made up stuff- you’d know that the election scenario you present is impossible unless you can enlist 10’s of thousands of people at the local level- then get them all to clam up about it. And if you don’t understand how a party can win the presidency and lose seats in the house- look up gerrymandering. PLease, learn to do your homework or, stuff a sock in it.

  4. And or course all those plans for new weapons systems, territorial aggression, securing allies through strategic investments in Africa and South America, territorial claims to the South China Sea beyond recognized limits and crackdowns on Honk Kong all took place within the last 12 months under the watch of weakling Biden. Oh, wait a minute, that all happened during the 4 years that Trump spent kowtowing to Xi Jingping with your tacit approval.

    • Obama blamed Bush for Obama’s faillure… China Joe blames Trump and the sheep all nod….Nothing new to see folks …keep moving

      • All the sheep bow to t-rump as if he is the second coming of Adolph…oops I mean Christ himself. You have been triggered.

      • Biden didn’t bleme Trump-I did with facts to back it up. Where are your’s? Oh, I forgot you are a member of the RQP.

        • Yeah that China joe is the man. I mean trump left americans to die in afghanistan..oh wait that was biden…trump created the highest inflation in 39 years… oh wait that was biden…trump let china invade taiwan and russia invade Ukraine..oh wait that was biden….damn that trump his son was on the china payroll..oh wait that was biden..DON JR was on the energy board in the Ukraine …oh wait that was biden… trump cant remember where he is.. oh wait that was biden… SEEMS LIKE YOU FORGOT A LOT OF THINGS SON

          • Invasions of Taiwan and Ukraine? I must have missed those. Hopefully not. But other than not yet, still seems like a good talking point in your TRIGGERED tirade. And who needs credibility when ranting from their sincere beliefs?

          • Mike I am an elderly person and I do forget a lot of things. But one thing I will NEVER FORGET, is the TRUMP LED/INCITED invasion of OUR Capitol aimed at overthrowing our democracy….. But of course you have forgotten because how else could you and Barrasso continue to worship Traitor Trump????

  5. Stay tuned dennis west. It is coming to a world near you. Did you miss the 42 percent increase in gas prices too? thats what happens when u bury your head in the sand or somewhere… PULL IT OUT

    • Spoken like a true believer Mike. The sacred truth is known only to the select and gnashing of teeth on the rest. You are so trying to show us the way and we are soooo blind. Must be frustrating, I sympathize.

      • Ah Denny.. spoken like a true self absorbed, academic from the faculty lounge wine and cheese club who thinks he is smarter than the rest of the great unwashed masses.. you must be so disappointed in Joe and Kamala.. i know the rest of america is……Just check the poll numbers…..Have a wonderful christmas..that is if you can find gas, you can take this time to reflect on your bad choices and make corrections…i know the rest of america will……

  6. Harriett Oleson–unfortunately for liberals there is absolutely no evidence that trump did anything associated with Jan 6. If you have facts/proof/evidence i would love to hear it

    • There is no proof that your trump washed brain would accept… But As to proof of trumps involment just look at how hard the trumpies are trying so hard to hide evidence from the Congressional committee. That is a heck of a lot more proof than there is for “THE BIG LIE” about trump won the election…

  7. You were correct at the beginning of your sentence: THERE IS NO PROOF. None to hide, you cant find it cause it just isnt there .. you know it and i know it…You try to deflect by talking about trump and the election… Lets focus on YOUR PROOF that trump incited jan 6. When u mentioned my “Trump washed brain” u started with personal attacks because u have no proof… HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • Mike for goodness sake trump and his toadies have spent millions in court to hide the white house emails, phone calls from staff INSTEAD of saying nothing here to hide and coming clean with the Jan 6 committe. WHY TRY TO HIDE NOTHING????????????

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