Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance Adopted on First Reading

Sidewalk snow removal was an item addressed by the Sheridan City Council at their meeting Monday night. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Sidewalk Snow Ordinance

Last November the Sheridan City Council approved a resolution recommending that citizens place snow and ice from the sidewalks into their yards or boulevard areas when possible, instead of moving the snow into the street. The Council Monday night approved first reading of an ordinance that essentially mirrors the resolution passed last winter. City Public Works Director Lane Thompson.

Lane Thompson

Thompson says the City is simply running out of places to store the snow during the winter.

Lane Thompson

The ordinance must be approved two more times before it goes into effect. We’ll have more from the Council meeting in future stories.

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James Zachary Benedict
1 month ago

Less Ice and snow in the curb and gutters??

edward capp
1 month ago

No kidding! That is where the city puts it! How about plowing to the center of the road when it first snows?

James Zachary Benedict
1 month ago
Reply to  edward capp

Because its easier and cheaper to push it in the curb and gutter and go back later and put it in the middle to pick up. Moving it twice saves on fuel and labor.

brad chapman
1 month ago

Does the city realize that they have municipal codes 23-4 and 23-5.1 respectively saying “shall remove snow and ice to the carriageway of the street” and “snow, slush or ice may be deposited to the roadway” from public sidewalks. Maybe the council should remove codes before they make new codes. Possibly they discussed that but I did not hear or see that conversation.

Wesley Worden
1 month ago
Reply to  brad chapman

Well said Brad