Sheridan County School District 2 Meeting

Tim Doolin Accepts Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the year, all American Wrestlers and an update on the Smart Start program were all topics on the May 4 Meeting of the District 2 School Board

Tim Doolin 8th grade English teacher at Sheridan Jr. High, was named the district Teacher of the Year. Rebbecca Adsit Sheridan Jr. High Principal, introduced Doolin, and had this to say about him as a teacher.
Gena Hirschman of Meadowlark was named staff member of the year.

Stephanie Zukowski presented some senior members of the High School Musical cast, and there were many compliments received on the performance of the show.

Tyler Shatto introduced who competed in the National High School wrestling tournament in Virginia Beach, VA, both bringing home the title of All-American Wrestler.

Molly Kinsey teacher at Meadowlark, talked about the SEM program. This years topic was “What it means to Be An American Citizen. Sixth Grader Constance Meman attended the board meeting a gave a short talk on the program.

Superintendent Craig Dougherty gave an update on the Smart Start, saying that the mask mandate has been lifted, but wearing masks is voluntary for students and staff.

Vaccines will also be available to those students over 16 who want to get the shot. This too is voluntary, and requires a consent form from parents.

Trustee Ed Fessler thanked the teachers and staff for their dedication to keeping the school open during the pandemic.

Mathers Heuck gave a report on the Schiffer School construction, saying it is nearly completion and the furniture can be moved into the building in June.

It was voted on to accept the school calendar, with school beginning on Aug. 30 and ending June 6. Christmas break will be from Dec. 21- Jan 3.

O’Dell construction of Sheridan was awarded the winning bid for the Ag and Gym renovation.

In New business, the superintendents gave a report on the PTO meetings they had attended in schools around the district, with many positive comments.

One comment heard from parents was how glad they were that the schools remained open. Dougherty, who attended the PTO at Coffeen said, “Parents were more than pleased to have their kids in school,”

One concern Doughtery heard at Coffeen was the school zone. “Parents are concerned about Sheridan Avenue, and traffic on Avoca Avenue. Dougherty said the school is working with the city to extend the school zone farther up Sheridan Ave, and perhaps one on Avoca. Trustee Arin Waddell asked when the project would be complete, and Doughtery said he was looking for completion in late spring or early summer.

He added that Meadowlark students felt that students had good relationships with the teachers, and felt the on-line services for quarantined students had improved. They also felt the streaming services for events was a good thing, and should continue.”

From Sheridan Jr High, Scott Stults reported that most parents felt the transitioning of the students from 6tgh grade to Jr. High was seamless, and he added that the “Parents are excited about the Nordic skiing program.”

Mitch Craft reported that the turnout of parents at the Schiffer school was very high. “Parents are passionate about what Schiffer offers. Many parents felt Schiffer had turned things around for their students.

Several board members attended a virtual meeting of the National School Boards Association, with Wayne Schatz saying that many speakers emphasized the important of school boards in education. “It was a great experience,” Schatz said. He added that the virtual meeting was great, because it was easier to hear the speakers.

Chairman Sue Wilson also reminded the board of the SCSD #2 Mission Statement, which is “Parents, teachers and educators are dedicated to preparing every student with the skills necessary for success.” She felt that unless everyone knew the mission statement, it was a little hard to carry it out,


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  1. An emergency use vaccine ( actually genetic material)that no one knows the long term effects for our children seems reckless to me.

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