Senator Barrasso: ‘There are Two Crisis at Our Southern Border’

Senator Barrasso along Border Wall (Courtesy photo)

U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming spoke on the Senate floor Monday about his recent trip to the southern border to see the humanitarian crisis and national security crisis firsthand. Senator Barrasso said there are two crisis at our southern border.

Senator Barrasso

In total, 19 Republican senators went to Texas and toured the southern border several weeks ago.  Barrasso said in March, Border Patrol took 171,000 migrants into custody, and nearly 19,000 of those were unaccompanied children. The Senator added that we’re on pace for over 2 million illegal immigrants to cross the border this year.

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Dennis West
1 month ago

Listen to this man only if you are gullible. He has said nothing about the repub’s attempt to overthrow a legitimate election in our democratic nation. He is only interested in discrediting current administration, and anyone trying to solve problems. in order to maintain power, access to big money, and status. He is self-serving and part of the repub continuing effort to create chaos, not work out solutions and govern. Remember the good repub doctor’s new and improved health care plan? Where? Who ever saw it? He, and his repub cronies are dishonorable politicians not interested in protecting the citizens or the constitution of this democratic experiment. They would rather have a despot king and gain self advantage by sucking up.

Cindy Livingston
28 days ago
Reply to  Dennis West

Maybe the sham election was not the subject of the trip to the border, that is why it was not mentioned. Discrediting the current administration seems to be the trend of the times. It is too bad that our Governing body is more about lining their own pockets than making sure that our Nation continues to be a place of freedom. It is more important today to pit one American Citizen against another than to offer opportunities that all citizens can take advantage of. It seems to be more important to divide the Nation by race and economic class than to allow people to create their own communities and successes as they see fit. I think it is great to see States standing up and saying “our State, our Laws”. The Federal Government has crossed the line and it has become way too big and intrusive. The Federal Government is more about undoing what the previous administration did instead of building upon what all other administrations did right and tweaking the things that were not working. I am sad for our Country. Our Country is being driven by greed, fear and dishonesty with the end result being those with the most marbles Ruling the people and ultimately the next civil war. We are pawns in the Federal Chess Championship, however, the Patriots of this Country will not allow a Check-Mate to end our Democracy.

Fred Osborn
29 days ago

The main crisis was trump taking Pentagon money to build his pathetic wall that will never keep out people.Just more propaganda.

Last edited 29 days ago by Fred Osborn
Thomas Jones
29 days ago

The problems at the border have been there for a long time, John, and you knew this was coming because cardboard cutout joe had said as much during the primary debates. The time to act was years ago, but you and the rest of congress dropped the ball. Now its way too late. Joes super spreader event at the southern border will infect many with covid. Thanks for nothing.

Charles Cole
29 days ago

We’re about to see a prediction some true very soon. Renowned Economics professor of the University of Chicago — Milton Friedman — noted long ago that a nation could have a virtually open border OR it could have a social welfare state, but that it could NOT have them both simultaneously due to the obviously horrible effects of that combination on the economy of such a nation. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has ignored his advice for decades and is about to completely jump the shark with hundreds of thousands of undocumented “migrants” being admitted into the USA. They American taxpayer will obviously pick up the bill for this which will put even further stress on the financial situation of a nation which already has almost $30 TRILLION in debt. Equally as insupportable in the long term is the result of a situation highlighted by conservative commentator Andrew Wilkow who has noted that you can’t keep bring “there” here without here becoming more like “there.” Despite all the warnings, the Democrat Party is rushing headlong into what is sure to turn into a complete disaster for the United States.

Mitch Smith
29 days ago

This all happened once before under obuma and I thought Trump took care of it? Now they are all streaming over the border in the last few months? Why? Looks like a crisis to me…………

Cindy Livingston
28 days ago

That is an aesthetically pleasing wall, in my opinion. It could be a lot worse!! We in America enjoy freedom. People in other Countries do not have the freedoms that we enjoy. It makes America a desirable place to live and people do want to come here. America is also like a club with restrictive membership. A person who joins the club must meet certain guidelines or criteria and those guidelines (or criteria) protect the other members of the club. Not everyone who tries to gain access to our club has the same desires for our club that our membership has. As club members, we have a responsibility to carefully scrutinize potential new club members so that we know that they “fit” into our membership and espouse our goals and values. It is about the foundation that America was built on. Every citizen has responsibilities toward other Citizens, everyone has something to offer. We do not have to all think alike but we do have to respect that everyone has an opinion and that we all have Constitutional rights and the rights of one person ends where the rights of the next person begin. In other words one person’s rights cannot negate another person’s rights. Our Country is deeply divided and we as Americans need to bond together and repair this division. Stop protesting, stop all violence, stop vandalism, start having block parties and get to know your neighbors, start talking respectfully to each other, show love and spread kindness every where you go, lift someone up who is having a bad day. Smile. We are all saying the same things: the people we elected are not good for America. People who are Democrat and people who are Republican are both saying this and are both right. Let’s take back Club America, it will take all of us working together.