Governor Gordon: ‘State’s Fiscal Health is An Issue’

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon in his 2021 State of the State address Tuesday, emphasized his commitment to Wyoming energy economy and its fiscal health. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Fiscal Issue

Throughout his speech, Governor Gordon highlighted Wyoming’s resilience and the state’s continued economic improvement from the pandemic and the subsequent crash in energy prices. He also spoke of the importance of Wyoming’s tourism industry, his support for the state’s agriculture sector and efforts to encourage economic diversification. Gordon said our fiscal health is an issue.

Governor Gordon

Gordon asked the Legislature to think carefully about the balanced budget he presented to them and to position the state for the future when addressing K-12 education funding.

Governor Gordon

Gordon challenged the Legislature to examine the state’s K-12 funding model that is no longer sustainable. He said this is far more than a budget issue and that he wants our stakeholders and our communities to be involved in establishing a plan and vision.

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Thomas Jones
1 month ago

When coal was king, it paid for everything. Now that you have an anti natural resource harvesting occupier in the white house, just like 44, things won’t get any better. Had the repubs fought hard against the obvious election fraud, we might not be in this mess. Fake elections have consequences. Good luck!

Harriett Oleson
1 month ago
Reply to  Thomas Jones

“obvious election fraud”????? RIDICULOUS!!! That is A total lie, started by a cancelled reality show host, a few of his toadies and talk radio making up lies to boost their ratings. There is no proof whatsoever of fraud. Every Day for the last 6 months I have been hearing about how proof is just about to appear, YET NO Proof… Instead 11 + election fraud suits, thrown out of court, by Judges, some of which were TV buffoon appointed. The FBI, the CIA, Trumps Attorney General, 40 + state election boards, even the Supreme Court refused to hear this question. {this list is endless} NO proof of fraud, mountains of proof of NO fraud!! Only people who worship the Great Trumpy Bear believe and Perpetuate the “Big Lie” I wonder if these people have thought this Lie through. If this election can be called a Fraud, then all USA elections, at every level would be assumed fraud as well. The very foundation of Our democracy would be gone, the confidence in the vote. The only proof of election fraud is the great tweeter’s story. As to coal– seems to me “Tweety” had 3 years, a republican Senate and the power of the presidency to “make coal great again”. Well Thomas, it ain’t great, cause it has been out competed. Now we have a Wyoming state legislature living in the great carbon past and quaking in fear of the “no new Taxes” Wyoming voters. The former Wyoming State Treasurer, now the Governor, is telling the citizens of the State of Wyoming , that we are in DEEP trouble. This great state is headed towards insolvency. I just hope we wake up, grow Up and realize this ain’t the good old coal days. Let’s face reality, work together to solve the problem, before Wyoming is bankrupt…………

Dave Teigland
1 month ago

You are totally right Tom Jones, and there are new cases of election fraud coming up every day across America! It won’t be long and it will all be out in the open for everyone to see!

Harriett Oleson
1 month ago
Reply to  Dave Teigland

Same ole song. It won’t be long and it will all be open for everyone to see!! WoW , been hearing that from Trumpies for a long, long, long time. Doesn’t reality and FACTS, ever enter into your Worship of Trump????