Hospital sees strong revenue growth in December

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital saw “extremely strong” revenue growth in December, according to the hospital’s Chief Financial Officer Nathan Stutte.

In a report earlier this month to the hospital’s trustees, he said the hospital had one of its best revenue cycle months in December.

Stutte said financial performance in November was behind budget expectations but was in line with what had been forecast. He said the month of November was a little bit slower in terms of overall business for the hospital, but in spite of that, the hospital did see an improvement in its cash position.

He said the hospital in November also saw a slight decline in the payer mix, including fewer uninsured patients and an “uptick” in the Medicaid population.

He said there was also a decline in VA patients. He said the VA has been a high utilizer of Sheridan Memorial Hospital over the last eight to 12 months, but in November, that utilization dropped a little bit.

Stutte said the decline in the payer mix resulted in the hospital having a slightly better than projected write-off percentage.

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