Memorial Hospital reports drop in active COVID cases

(Courtesy photo)

Active COVID cases at Sheridan Memorial Hospital have decreased dramatically in recent weeks, according to Mike McCafferty.

McCafferty, who’s the CEO of Sheridan Memorial Hospital, reported the drop in numbers at Wednesday night’s hospital board meeting. He said the number of active COVID-19 cases around Nov. 25 were just over 500.

McCafferty said that’s very positive, but, he added, the hospital continues to monitor the numbers every day.

Dr. John Addlesperger, the hospital’s chief medical officer, said there was a slight uptick in numbers after the holidays, with 51 positive cases over three days over the past weekend.

But, he said, that didn’t affect the hospitalization rate of COVID patients. He said the hospital has been averaging three or four patients hospitalized for the last few weeks.

Dr. Addlesperger said knowing how important it is for patients to have access to support from their family members, the hospital has opened visitation to allow one visitor a day for non-COVID patients. He said there are also special efforts being made with really severe COVID patients to allow them to have contact with family members.

He said visitors are screened, and precautions are being taken, including requiring them to wear masks.

Dr. Addlesperger also talked about the hospital immunization plan and protocol, and Sheridan Media will have a separate story on that.

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Ezra Petersen
1 month ago

Only Park, Natrona, Campbell and Laramie counties have more active cases than Sheridan County currently. People in this community continue to not take it seriously. Fremont, which has a much larger population than us has lower numbers and Sweetwater numbers are same as Sheridan 113. They also have a much larger population than us. Even if you are not concerned about your own health, take some precautions unless you want someone you care about to potentially die alone isolated in a hospital room.