Bighorn National Forest to work on Crazy Woman Road

Due to erosion and destabilization, the Bighorn National Forest road crew will begin work on Crazy Woman Road (Forest System Road 33) this week. 

Efforts will be focused along milepost 4.4 and will consist of, among other work, installing stacked gabion baskets on an approximately 80-foot-long section of road.  Gabion baskets are heavy-gauge wire baskets that are filled with rock and commonly used in retaining walls.  The gabion baskets will be used as a solid foundation for the road crew to rebuild the road to its original width while protecting it from future damage.  

The segment was washed out by Crazy Woman Creek during spring runoff. The damage created a narrow spot in the road, which is at risk of further erosion if nothing is done.  The road will not be closed but expect up to 30-minute delays while the crew is operating.  Work is not planned to occur during the weekend. There will be road construction signs on site to warn drivers.

For more information, contact the Powder River Ranger District in Buffalo at (307) 684-7806. Visit us at, follow us on Twitter (@BighornNF), or like us on Facebook (US Forest Service – Bighorn National Forest).

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