UW has first confirmed case of COVID-19

The University of Wyoming has its first reported case of COVID-19. The case involves an employee of the university who believes he contracted the virus at a private appointment off campus, according to a UW press release.

The individual, who had been complying with UW’s campus rules on physical distancing and face protection, has not been on campus since July 2. He has been self-isolating since July 3, when he began feeling ill, and is recovering at home. There is little campus exposure risk, officials said.

Known contacts have been notified. UW officials are working with the Wyoming Department of Health in this process.

“I think we all knew it would be just a matter of time before COVID-19 was detected among the UW community,” President Ed Seidel said. “We have taken proactive steps to minimize the spread of the virus on campus, and we would ask everyone now to be even more vigilant.”

While a number of UW students and people of traditional college age are among the 39 other positive cases that had been reported in Albany County as of July 9, none were reported to be living in UW housing or working on campus.

UW employees and students are required to wear face coverings while on UW-owned property or when conducting university business or activities — with the exception of when individuals are alone in their offices or residence hall rooms. This requirement is in place this summer and also is part of the university’s plan for the fall semester to mitigate spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The university is developing a COVID-19 policy that will outline the rule on face coverings as well as other guidelines, including physical distancing and what to do if you develop symptoms that might indicate coronavirus infection. It also will lay out consequences for violation of the policy, including disciplinary action through the Student Code of Conduct, for students, and the employee handbook and regulations, for faculty and staff members.

For more information about COVID-19 at UW, visit the university’s website at www.uwyo.edu/campus-return; call (307) 766-COVD (2683); or email COVID19@uwyo.edu.

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