Sale a success with nice crowd and ‘outstanding’ horses

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A nice crowd and what Ike Sankey called an “outstanding” bunch of horses added up to another successful Bots Sots Remount horse sale this past weekend.

Held Saturday night at the Trail End State Historic Site, this was the fourth year for the event organized by Sankey. He explained why he chose Sheridan for the sale.

Over 40 horses went under the gavel before a crowd that Sankey estimated might have been around 350.

A rider puts a horse through its paces at one of two sale previews. (Photo by Pat Blair)

He said the event this year conformed to everything requested by the city, county and state to maintain COVID-19 restrictions. That included omitting the bleachers for seating this year and asking people to bring their own lawn chairs.

Sankey said the sale was very well attended, and the prices paid for the horses were really good.

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