COVID-19 ‘Obliterates’ Sheridan County Tourism Season

The COVID-19 pandemic has spelled bad news for Sheridan County tourism this year. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

The COVID-19 pandemic has basically obliterated the travel and tourism season in Sheridan County this year.

That’s the assessment of Shawn Parker, who’s executive director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism. But, he said, that’s true not only in Sheridan but across Wyoming, across the country and in fact, across the planet.

Parker said it’s too early to tell at this time whether any part of this year’s tourist season can be salvaged, or what the future will bring, because we don’t know what Governor Mark Gordon will suggest or what the federal government will do with the transportation network.

Shawn Parker. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

So far, closure of businesses and public places, including schools and government offices, is scheduled to end around May 1. But whether that will actually happen – or how it will happen – remains to be seen.

Parker said even if re-openings are, in fact, allowed, we don’t know at this time how quickly or slowly re-openings will happen or whether large gatherings will be permitted.

He said it’s unlikely that Sheridan County will see any return of international tourism this summer, which means he isn’t expecting to see much, if any, bus tours.

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Dennis Fox
1 year ago

But at least those tourist who do show up, will pay the new 15% tourism tax. Thanks to the economic illiteracy of some of our elected officials and a few $125,000 gov’t employees, who all wanted us to raise rates and be, “just like the other high-tax states.” They got their wish. And 15% of nothing is still….let me do the math….oh yea…nothing.