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SAR: The team that brings home loved ones, needs a little help

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Every year, Sheridan Area Search and Rescue volunteers gear-up and head into the wilderness in every kind of weather to find and recover lost and injured recreationalists. 

Search and rescue can all too often be a matter of life and death. When a hiker has not returned, a climber has fallen or a hunter fails to meet a radenvue time, no matter the time of day or the weather conditions, SAR answers the call. 

Clayton Morris served in the U.S. Air Force. Part of his military career was spent serving within an Aerial Combat Search and Rescue team. After multiple deployments, Morris retired from service in 2018 and now serves on the Sheridan Area Search and Rescue.  

Morris serves as the Captain of the Technical Rescue Team. This specialized team searches for and recovers people who have fallen or are trapped in dangerous cliff side, running water, or cave dwelling situations. With the use of climbing ropes and specialized tools, the team goes where few dare to tread.

C. Morris

When a life is at risk, there is no time to waste attempting to remember which knot is required for any given situation. This specialized skill set requires hours of training and drilling. Made up entirely of volunteers, the SAR team that serves with Morris commits to the training required. And should Morris and his team require another recruit to fill a slot, they look for the most dedicated. 

C. Morris

Currently, Morris has five team members registered for the course to receive basic rope-rescue certification. With the training priced at $815 per student, the cost of the certification is a big hit to the SAR coffers.

To help raise funds, the WYO Theater will host the Sheridan Area Search and Rescue as they present a special screening of Where the Rope Ends, a documentary about trauma, hope, and resilience featuring a special guest speaker and Q&A to follow the film. Morris said the SAR is also capable of accepting donations through their website or in person.  

C. Morris

To purchase tickets for the upcoming special screening of Where the Rope Ends and the Q&A presentation, click here. To learn more about the Sheridan Area Search and Rescue, make a donation or learn how to support the team that brings home those who are lost, click here.

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