Koltiska Distillery Making Hand Sanitizer

Koltiska Distillery is now making - and selling - hand sanitizer. (Photo by Pat Blair)

With FDA approval now in hand, Sheridan’s Koltiska Distillery is now making, and selling, hand sanitizer.

Brandon Titus, who’s the distillery’s general manager, said the company got into the business after the World Health Organization released a recipe for the use of alcohol in hand sanitizer.

He said Koltiska made the first batch of hand sanitizer on March 25, but no product could be released until the company received approval from the FDA.

With approval now in hand, Titus said the company started selling the hand sanitizer Wednesday.

In an interview Thursday, he said Koltiska already had a list of companies wanting the product.

Titus said this is a strong hand sanitizer.

Titus said the production of the hand sanitizer isn’t a problem, but containers are. He said the distillery can make 100 gallons of hand sanitizer a day, but there is no place to put the product. He said the distillery has been working to get more one-gallon containers.

He said people who want Koltiska’s hand sanitizer can call the distillery, and they will be put on a list. He said the company will supply the sanitizer first come, first served to the public.

He said the distillery wants the product to get into the hands of those who need it most, so he is asking people to please not overbuy the sanitizer.

Those who want the sanitizer can call Koltiska Distillery at 673-7307 or email Titus at brandon.titus@koltiska.com.

Titus said the company is asking that payments be made over the phone. The distillery isn’t doing any cash transactions. People will be asked to call the distillery when they arrive in the parking lot, and their orders will be brought out to their cars.

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