Kaycee Library Needs to Become ADA Compliant

The Johnson County Library Board has approached the county commission to seek their approval to move forward with a proposed project at the Kaycee Branch Library building.

Jenny Bakken, Chairman of the Library Board, explained what needs to be done to the building and why.

Bakken said thy have looked into grant funding for the project but it will require funding from the county in the future for increased expenses, which are estimated to be between 22 to 38% for utilities, or about $3,700 per year based on the increases seen in the Buffalo library after their expansion.

Commissioner Bob Perry said the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) laws went into effect in the 1970’s, and he wondered why the building was never updated to be ADA compliant.

In addition to making the building ADA compliant, the board is looking to renovate the entrance to the building as well.

The commission said they were behind the board moving forward with plans for the project.

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