Food Pantry to Help More During Crisis, Needs Donations

The Bread of Life Food Pantry will be helping more people during the COVID-19 crisis to provide meals for families, and there will be a need for increased donations during this time.

According to discussions during this week’s special school board meeting, in addition to monetary donations, the food pantry can use food donations, and plastic grocery bags.

Monetary donations can be made by check to P.O. Box 909 in Buffalo, in person during open hours (M-W-F) 5 to 7 pm or at

The Food Pantry will not close during the current crisis, but has temporarily changed their hours of operation and how they will operate, according to their Facebook page.

As of Wednesday, they will operate from 5 to 7pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

They will have prepackaged bags and distribute them based on the number of people in each family.

They can offer food, baby supplies, pet food, and toilet paper.

Policies at the food pantry are being adjusted so that others may pick up food for those in need.

The food pantry welcomes all during their time of need.

The best time to donate in person will be during their distribution hours of 5 to 7pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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