Amending City Code

First reading of an ordinance amending Sheridan City Code appendix A, article three, paragraph four, was approved by the Sheridan City Council at their recent meeting.  Code appendix A, article three, paragraph four, states that any property annexed into the City be placed into an R-1 zoning district unless the governing body chooses otherwise. R-1 is the most restrictive of the City’s residential zoning districts. Ordinance 2272 that was approved on first reading prohibits future subdivisions through annexation or rezone, from using R-1 zoning district. The ordinance would not affect any properties currently zoned R-1. City Attorney Brendon Kerns.

Brendon Kerns

Councilman Andrew Patceg voiced his concerns about the ordinance.

Andrew Patceg

Patceg said the ordinance amending City code doesn’t address the need for attainable housing in Sheridan.

Andrew Patceg

The ordinance was approved on first reading by a vote of 5 to 1, with Councilor Patceg being the lone no vote.

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