A Look Back in Time: March 3, 1920

Now here’s Sheridan Media’s look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on March 3, 1920.

Burglars entered the Basket Grocery Store No. 2 on Crook and Fifth streets last night and secured $129 in a bag containing the day’s receipts. Police theorize entrance to the store was by the front door, meaning entrance would have been possible only by someone in possession of a key.

Walter F. Peters and Gaylord C. McCombe of Verona are spending the day in Sheridan today on business.

William Ross has been granted a patent to a homestead.

Mrs. Lucille Stuby is able to be at her desk in the assessor’s office today after a week’s illness.

Mrs. Grant MacLeod, who has been in the hospital for several days, returned home this afternoon.

For more lookbacks and to see the front page of today’s Sheridan Enterprise, visit www.sheridanwyoming.com.

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