Sentence Commuted

In July of 2020, Trace Koetting was sentenced in Fourth Judicial District for the charge of Third Degree Sexual Abuse of a Minor. At the hearing, District Court Judge John Fenn accepted the terms of a plea agreement that was reached with the State and placed Koetting on Deferred Prosecution and three years of supervised probation. At a motion hearing on November 3, 2021, Koetting admitted in court that he’d violated the terms of his probation. His probation was revoked and on November 30, 2021, he was sentenced to 4 to 7 years in prison and ordered to enroll in the youthful offender program (boot camp) through the Wyoming Department of Corrections.

A hearing was held Tuesday in District Court to address a motion filed by Koetting to have his sentence reduced due to his successful completion of the boot camp program through the DOC. District Court Judge Darci Phillips commuted the prison sentence in favor of three years of supervised probation and ordered Koetting to pay $250 in public defender fees and any unpaid court costs and fees that he was ordered to pay when he was sentenced to prison in 2021 for violating his probation.

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